Staff List by Department


Carl Nagy-Koechlin Executive Director 781-422-4214
Janette Nickerson Administration Coordinator 781-422-4224
Jackie Lydon Receptionist 781-422-4200
Julie Silva Receptionist 781-422-4243


Lisa Angelone Sr. Accountant 781-422-4268
Sandy Copeland A/R And A/P Coordinator 781-422-4280
Howard Densmore A/P Coordinator 781-422-4284
Nat Eldredge Sr. Accountant 781-422-4248
Yasmina Manuka HomeBASE/RAFT Payment 781-422-4216
JoAnn Santos Hap Coordinator 781-422-4236
Leo Sheehan Chief Financial Officer 781-422-4230
Louise Whitaker Sr. Finance Manager 781-422-4215


Norene Francis HomeBASE Program Representative 781-422-4206
Joan Rice HomeBASE Program Representative 781-422-4207

Housing Services

Susan Briggs SSTAP Supervisor 781-422-4223
Candace Caliri RAFT Intake Specialist 781-422-4238
Kathy Facchini Director of Housing Services 781-422-4222
Veronica Wright HCEC Coordinator 781-422-4274
 Laura Gabriel HCEC Intake 781-422-4231
Jameela Hyman Housing Counselor/RAFT 508-895-7048
Michelle Santos RAFT Supervisor 781-422-4239
Dawn Spencer Housing Search Counselor 781-422-4228
Veronica Truell Affordable Housing Coordinator 781-422-4225
Jamilla Wade HCEC Intake 781-422-4234

Leased Housing

Paul Bowler Inspector 781-422-4287
Matthew Brouilette Program Representative 781-422-4278
Jay Cabana Inspector 781-422-4246
Ann Marie Cameron Quality Control Coordinator 781-422-4233
Sharon Christmas Program Specialist – Intake 781-422-4229
Pamela DeBerry Program Representative 781-422-4285
Kelly Eldredge Continued Occupancy Mgr./Special Programs 781-422-4251
Jennifer Gaouette Program Representative 781-422-4279
Angelica Gomez Director of Leased Housing 781-422-4226
Robin Judge Senior Inspector 781-422-4244
Nellie Kelley MRVP Senior Program Representative 781-422-4235
Heather Llanos Program Representative 781-422-4294
Jen Loud Program Representative 781-422-4267
Ann McClure Data Management and Reporting Coordinator 781-422-4266
Diana Patten FSS Case Manager 781-422-4282
Kathe Rowan Intake Supervisor 781-422-4240
Gloria Smith Leased Housing Administrative Assistant 781-422-4213
Matt Smith Inspection Supervisor 781-422-4249
Victor Soto Program Representative 781-422-4270
Dionne Spearin Continued Occupancy Manager 781-422-4254
Linda Trinkaus Senior Inspection Coordinator 781-422-4237
Joanne Wilmot FSS Coordinator 781-422-4252
Maria Zannetti Program Representative 781-422-4217